Personal references

Stanimir Steve Lazarević has worked on conducting of works under the earth in several mines in Australia since 1973. Since 1980, he has worked for more than 13 years as an instructor for national drillers in Freeport, Indonesia. Since 1998 till 2005 when he founded his company, he has dealt with exploration works in some European countries.

Personal references until 2005:

“G&K” Australia 2 years
“Mary Kathleen” Mine Australia 2 years
“PT Freeport” Indonesia 13 years
RB “Rosia Montana Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine 3 years
“Homestake” Bulgaria 2 years
“Pontil” Dubo Australia 3 years

Company references

2005 Stanimir Steve Lazarević founded company S&V Drilling Mine Services.

Works that have been done for well-known companies:

“Reservoir Minerals” from 2005.
“Mac Moren” from 2005.
“Dundee Precious Metals” from 2005.
“Rio Sava Exploration” d.o.o. from 2010.
“Avala Resources” d.o.o. from 2010.
“LithiumLi Balkan” d.o.o. from 2011.
“LithiumLi Exploration” d.o.o. from 2011.
“Murex rudarstvo i geologija” d.o.o from 2011.
“Tilva” d.o.o. from 2015.
“Balkan Exploration and Mining” d.o.o. from 2011.
“Rakita exploration” d.o.o. from 2015.
“Gradir Montenegro” d.o.o. from 2015.
“Antimon” d.o.o. from 2016.